Our mission is to put powerful agricultural production tools and relevant human health information into the hands of individuals so as to give them the means to grow healthy food so as to have a healthy diet and a path to further income. SER’s mission is to encourage the consumption of self-grown food using farming technology as a means of making practical health improvements in rural communities, and eventually communities worldwide.
SER Team with community members, summer 2017
By 2050, when the population of the world is projected to reach 9 billion people, we will be forced to find alternative methods to feed the steadily rising population while combating diseases that arise from poor food choices. Hydroponics, the art of growing plants without soil, presents itself as an excellent solution to the impending global food crisis. The word hydroponics is of Latin origin and literally translates to ‘working water.’ This method of growing fruits and vegetables has the capacity to change food production in the future.

The food we eat provides our bodies with the ‘information’ and materials needed to function properly. If we don’t receive the correct information, our metabolic processes suffer and ultimately health declines. Therefore, what we eat is central to our health. Using Hydroponics and Aquaculture as a vehicle of poverty alleviation promotes the ideology of food as medicine to combat chronic disease. Effectively, the food produced in this way can serve as a healing practice. In the context of rural communities, it can be used as medicine at the community level.